Saving the M.V. Mirimar
March 09, 2023
by Clint Luke

Help us Save and Restore Brisbane’s Heritage: The M.V. Mirimar

Brisbane, Australia – March 21, 2023 – The M.V. Mirimar is an important part of Brisbane’s history, having served in World War II and transported thousands of families and tourists to Lone Pine Sanctuary. After 75 years of service, the Mirimar made her final trip in September 2009, but now she needs our help to be relocated, restored and returned to her former glory.

We are calling on the Government to help us raise funds to pay for the relocation, and restoration of the M.V. Mirimar. The first phase of the project is to safely relocate her before June 2023, where the restoration can begin in earnest. We hope to have her back to her former glory in time for visitors to the 2032 Brisbane Olympics to enjoy her.

The restoration of the M.V. Mirimar includes replacing all her internal framework, repairs to her keel and backbone, restoring the boat to her original appearance, re-caulking the hull, and fitting a new engine. This is a massive undertaking, but with the support of the community, we believe we can make it happen.

The Mirimar was built in 1934 by Norman Wright’s Shipyard in Brisbane, and her rare wooden construction makes her a unique piece of maritime history. She also has a fascinating backstory, having served as a Magnetic Island ferry off Townsville and cruised Moreton Bay islands. The Mirimar was even the basis for the Mirimar Amateur Fishing Club, which formed in 1936.

We are also interested in hearing from volunteers who can help us restore and maintain the M.V. Mirimar. Whether you have experience in boat restoration or simply want to help in any way you can, we would love to hear from you. Together, we can save this piece of Brisbane’s heritage and ensure that future generations can appreciate the Mirimar’s beauty and history.

Donations and sponsorship to the restoration project can be made after discussions with Clint Luke, and we encourage everyone to follow our progress on social media. Let’s work together to bring the M.V. Mirimar back to life and show the world what Brisbane is capable of.


M.V. Mirimar Restoration Project
Contact: Clint Luke